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Sakina, Pink, Beaded Bib Embellished, Hand Crafted, Glass Cabochon, Necklace

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Purple blue small bead accent embellishment around multi colored glass cabochon using Peyote stitch. Bright Pink small bead neckwear in Herringbone stitch, 20 inch around the neck. Silver Toggle closure and cream backing to accent the unique beadwork. 

*Size: 20 inch around the neck hangs right at the collar bone.

*3 inch in length for pendant size.

*Cut type: Domed Oblong Cabochon.

*Setting: Small bead Peyote stitch

*Style: Modern – More trendy and fashion-forward.

*BNPL  *One-of-a-kind                                                                                                        

*Free Shipping

*1 to 3 days production time

JBSG 7604