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Who We Are

**Sande Gene designs Timeless, sustainable custom jewelry from re-purposed, recycled materials, uniquely made for women who are able to wear it with grace & dignity.   Are you one of these women?   Our beautiful heritage jewelry deserves to be reclaimed into one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces.  Hand-craftedArtisan Jewelry makes each wearer feel beautiful when dressed casually, for business, or a formal evening out.  My designs are simple & exquisite for the diva in all of us.  All of my pieces are Professionally Finished, not just completed.

YOU tell us what you want to wear: Seed beads; Large beads; Ethnic jewelry; Hobo jewelry; Steampunk jewelry. Contact us with your wishes of jewelry style or special technique.

Sande has been published in several magazines, sold at Gem & Mineral shows all over Arizona. Appeared on local TV and radio talk shows. 
   Timeless custom jewelry, handmade from quality re-purposed, recycled materials, saves our beautiful heritage jewelry, and helps to keep the cost down, while designing one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces.

Sande instructs her techniques in jewelry classes held in Phoenix, AZ.  As an instructor, she helps her students create unique, one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces, which cannot be replicated.

Contact me for more information:// especially about my classes.

How I got started?

At the beginning of 2011, I decided to really get serious about building a business. A name became a problem. That is when I decided to use the names of my deceased daughters. I played with combinations until I found one that was unique & not being used by anyone else. "MyCarolAnne" was born & is finding a place in the real world of Artisan Jewelry. Carol passed of cancer & Anne passed in an accident. I still have one daughter living with her husband, 5 grand-children, & 9 great-grand-children. 
   In 2019 I was forced into bankruptcy where I lost everything I had built with MyCarolAnne, so I changed my business name to Jewelry by Sande Gene, hosted it on Shopify & began all over.
I still use vintage, re-purposed & recycled materials to save as much old, used jewelry from destruction as possible. This also guarantees each piece is unique as these materials are not replaceable.   
   I am expanding my learning to seed beads and all of the wonderful exciting possibilities that they offer. And, using fishing line to create my seed bead items, which also makes them ‘water-proof’.

Jewelry by Sande Gene is a one family in home business. No smoking, one cat.  Every piece is professional finished before shipping. We want every item to shine when it arrives. Thank you