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FREE shipping within the Continental USA & Canada.  Shipping thru USPS Priority Mail everywhere they deliver from Phoenix, AZ, USA.  85029  

Timeless - Re-purposed, Recycled, Sustainable materials.
Sande Gene designs Timeless, sustainable, fashion, custom handmade artisan jewelry from vintage re-purposed, recycled, reclaimed materials, uniquely made, just one-of-a-kind, for you. Our beautiful heritage jewelry deserves to be reclaimed into 1-of-a-kind heirloom pieces.  As the items we salvage usually don't have a huge inventory amount of beads or other components, we are very limited as to how many jewelry pieces can be designed from our finds.   That also means each piece we create will never be copied by someone else. 

 All pierced earring wires may be substituted with ear post or ear clip-on, at no additional cost.  Show request on purchase invoice.

Sizing for all jewelry items are in the description for that particular item. US Inches are used.  Convert on Google to your choice. 

Steampunk style is anything that fits within the "themes" of steampunk literature and has a Victorian flavor.
Steampunk themes are things like inventions, machinery and automata, exploring, and adventure with a fantasy and/or science fiction flair.

Victorian style favors things like lace and cameos, long coats and bustles, frilly umbrellas and ornate pocket watches.

 Jewelry by Sande Gene is a one family on-line business only.  No smoking, one cat.  Every item is well cleaned and polished before shipping.