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Aberfa Anasazi Pottery Cabochon Pendant Necklace

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*Handcrafted beaded Pottery cabochon gemstone jewelry pendant necklace.
*Natural Dark brown hue.    *Tan/gold/Green bead accent.
*Green/tan/gold kumihimo braided cord neckwear.
*Gold bead bail.    *Gold clasp
*size: 22 inch around the neck. (55.88 cm)
*5 inch pendant length. (12.7 cm)
*New: *Handmade: *1-of-a-kind.
*12 payment options.   *No tax.
*Free shipping USPS Priority mail.
      *Anasazi Pottery Shard is a very unusual piece of gemstone. 
      The earliest time of these people goes back to AD 1500.  They are known as the
       Basket Maker period.  Today’s Pueblo culture developed from a later stage.

Sku 5966-18