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Adalea, Amulet Bag, Carousel Horse, Necklace

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Handmade Peyote stitch Amulet Bag, pattern Carousel Horse.
*Handmade Peyote seed beads and large glass beads make up the neckwear.   Bag is slightly heavy to wear.
*Dangles on front of bag, and on corners of bag.  
*Bag size for credit card, Driver’s license folded currency.
*Dangles & bag, 7 inch top to bottom. 
*size:  22 inch around the neck.  Over the head.
*New: *Handmade: *1-of-a-kind.
*12 payment options.   *No tax.
*Free shipping USPS Priority mail.
1 - 3 days production time.

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