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Ellie Beaded Convertible Necklace

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*Handmade beaded Convertible Jewelry necklace set.
*Multiple pieces - Rope necklace - Circlet bracelet - brooch.
*Wear all together or each separately.
*Handmade clasp.
*30 inches total length around the neck.  (76.2 cm).
*18 inches rope neckwear length around the neck. (45.72 cm).
*7 inches bracelet length around the wrist. (17.78 cm).
*2.75 inches brooch length (6.985 cm).
*New: *Handmade: *1-of-a-kind.
*12 payment options, *No tax
*Free shipping USPS Priority mail.
*Pattern by Prickled

Sku 5828-19